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Terms and Conditions


Credit Card or e-check payments are collected by either WeTravel acting as an authorized agent of Stevie Jay Travel LLC. Subsequently, STEVIE JAY TRAVEL LTD or the Tour Name will show on your credit card statement. The domain where you enter and process your payment is owned and operated by WeTravel. In some cases, payments are processed by the travel supplier which is noted as the disclosed principal (below).

About Stevie Jay Travel

Stevie Jay and Janet Khachaturian have been leading tour groups since 1996 and Stevie Jay is the station manager of Stevie Jay Broadcasting. Tour Group arranger, Bill Owen (217-619-0202) was the owner of Franklin Travel and has been designing tour groups since 1972.  Enter the Contact Form (at the bottom of this page) to reach us via email or see a map to our street address to drop off checks to pay for tours. Please no cash. Mailing Address: Stevie Jay Travel, 4413 Trostshire Cir, Champaign IL 61822 Phone: 217-840-9913.

Deposit to reserve

If per-person tour price is $600 or under, pay in full on booking. If over $600, deposit is usually 33% of the total cost. If booking within 4 months prior to departure, you need to pay in full for all tours. The following cards are welcome: American Express, Diners Club, Discover, Mastercard and Visa.

Balance of payment due

Payment is due on full when booking for Day Trips, overnight and multi-day tours and cruises $600 per person or under. Otherwise a statement will be sent 1 month before the balance is due. The balance due must be paid no later than 4 months prior to departure unless noted otherwise in tour description. For example, if your tour leaves August 16, the balance due date will be April 16. If you used a credit card to pay your deposit, we will automatically charge it again when the balance is due. But if you want to pay your balance by check, it needs to arrive before the due date. If not paid in full by the balance due date, you could lose reservation and deposit.

Cancellations and Changes

The charges shown in the table below are for all tours except Day Trips depending on how close to departure date we receive your written request. As soon as we receive refunds from the travel supplier(s) involved, a refund check will be mailed, unless you paid via credit card then the refund will usually be by a credit to your card account.

For Day Trips only the cancellation charge must be 100% of the price from the booking date because of non-refundable features such as tickets and unused coach seats. However, if your Day Trip departs with all seats sold, then a full refund will be made less $40 per-person handling charge. If you wish to give or sell your Day Trip to someone, there will be no charge unless if you want us to change the name or address on your booking record. Then the $40 handling charge applies.

Name changes or corrections are treated as cancellations if tickets and other reservations must match names of traveler. Due to airport security and airline rules you may not go on someone else’s ticket. Where reservations can be still changed without loss, we will charge less than the amounts shown above in some cases. If you are cancelling and have already received tickets and other valuable documents, they need to be returned to get credit or make the change. Changes from one tour to another are treated as a cancellation at a fee of ten percent of tour cost.

For departures that include travel insurance, its premium is non-refundable so when over 6 months from departure, the 50% is from the remaining deposit. For those rebooking Oberammergau from 2020 to 2022, click here for use of the Globus Letter of Credit.

Insurance to cover cancellation charges and other risks

We recommend buying insurance to cover cancellation and interruption fees. This covers accidents or unforeseen illness (yours, family member or traveling companion) resulting cancellation or trip interruption charges. If your roommate cancels, the roommate’s refund cannot be reduced to cover your single supplement; that’s why each roommate should purchase travel insurance to reimburse for this extra cost.  Medicare does not cover you outside the U.S. Either a group plan will be offered or included from Travel Guard, but if not, a personal plan is available from Bershire Hathaway:
• Click Travel Guard Group Plan for details of coverage.
• Click Berkshire Hathaway Travel Protection for coverage plan options and cost (varies by plan and age group).

Supplier that operates the tour

The top of the flier displays the travel supplier’s name or logo and it operates your tour as a disclosed principal with us acting as their agent. The travel supplier’s terms and conditions detail parts of the tour; some dates and amounts are different due to their group policies and our costs associated with your booking. We have to make deposits to a variety of suppliers: airline, hotel, cruise line, tour company and so on. We cannot be responsible for conditions beyond our control. We reserve the right to substitute equivalent features where the original becomes unavailable.

Airline travel is governed by their contract

Our responsibility is governed by the agency agreement between carrier and the agent including but not limited to the Passenger Sales Agency Agreements and Contracts of Carriage on file at their website. Be sure your plans are firm because changing your booked or ticketed flights may result in a price increase. Airlines reserve the right to deny boarding for a variety of reasons. We will do all possible to avoid their splitting up a group but the decision about how best to handle this is up to the tour host traveling with the group.

Your Agreement With Stevie Jay Travel

Before we finalize arrangements for your motor coach transportation, flight, hotel, car rental, tour, cruise, or other trip, we require that you agree to these; your acceptance of this itinerary or invoice, or your clicking the checkbox before “Accept our terms & conditions.” will signify your agreement with these terms and conditions.

Stevie Jay Travel LLC (“SJT”) acts as a sales agent for any airline, hotel, car-rental company, tour operator, cruise line, or other service provider named in your itinerary (“Suppliers”). SJT is not responsible for acts or omissions of the Suppliers or their failure to provide services or adhere to their own schedules.

SJT assumes no responsibility for and shall not be liable for any refund, personal injury, property damage, or other loss, accident, delay, inconvenience, or irregularity which may be caused by: (1) any defaults, wrongful or negligent acts, or omissions of the Suppliers; (2) any defect in or failure of any vehicle, craft, equipment, or instrumentality owned, operated, or otherwise used or provided by the Suppliers; (3) any wrongful or negligent acts or omissions on the part of any other party not under SJT’s control; (4) any Supplier price drop after your travel arrangements have been confirmed, paid in full, or ticketed; (5) government edict or force majeure (such as a war, strike, riot, crime, epidemic or an act of God) preventing us from fulfilling obligations. You hereby release SJT from all claims arising out of any problem covered in this paragraph.

Travel arrangements involving airline and cruise components are subject to supplemental price increases that may be imposed by the supplier and/or government after you have completed your purchase. You hereby consent to any such price increases and authorize your credit or debit card to be used for them. Suppliers have their own contracts covering cancellation penalties and other terms and conditions, and you may be bound by those contracts regardless of whether you receive notice of their terms.

SJT has no special knowledge regarding the financial condition of the Suppliers, unsafe conditions, health hazards, weather hazards, or climate extremes at locations to which you may travel. For a warning about terrorism, go to the following websites regarding travel to: Europe: or the worldwide terrorism alert: For other information concerning possible dangers at destinations, SJT recommends contacting the Travel Warnings Section of the U.S. State Department at (202) 647-5225 or For medical information, SJT recommends contacting the Centers for Disease Control at (877) FYI-TRIP or You assume full and complete responsibility for representing your health status accurately, and checking and verifying any and all passport, visa, vaccination, or other entry requirements of your destination(s), and all conditions regarding health, safety, security, political stability, and labor or civil unrest at such destination(s). You hereby release SJT from all claims arising out of any problem covered in this paragraph. You agree that the courts in Champaign County of Illinois will be the exclusive jurisdiction for all claims brought by you or SJT, and you hereby submit to the personal jurisdiction of those courts.

For your protection, we strongly recommend that you purchase trip cancellation and travel accident insurance. However, no representation or description of the insurance made by our staff constitutes a binding assurance or promise about the insurance. We also strongly recommend that you use a credit card for your purchase, so that you can exercise your rights under the Fair Credit Billing Act if you do not receive the services you purchased.

Carry-on baggage

On most tours, each person is allowed two small carry-on bags, though some airports or airlines allow just one carry-on bag. If you are on and off of motor coaches frequently, we suggest that you keep both carry-on bags small, one with total dimensions of no more than 32" (add length, width and height) and the other smaller still. Remember that your carry-on bags are your responsibility to handle and keep track of it. Overhead rack space and floor space is very limited. If most of your time is aboard a cruise ship, each traveler is allowed one of your carry-on bags to be as large as total dimensions of 45". Airlines call a purse a carry-on bag and say total carry-on dimensions of 45" maximum; they enforce this strictly and will check larger bags as cargo. Bus lines will not stow carry-on luggage in their coach luggage compartment.

Carry, don’t pack these…

Instead of packing these, we recommend that you carry with you: medicine, glasses, ID, Passport, required travel documents and valuable items such as camera. We suggest a light sweater and reading material.

Checked bags

Unless noted otherwise a checked bag must weigh no more than 50 pounds and have total dimensions of 62". Total dimensions means that you measure and add length + width + height. If an excess of these limits, airlines charge much more than their usual fee. Because of coach luggage compartment restrictions, we regret that we can only allow one checked bag normally. We cannot prepay any airline baggage fees. Baggage handling tips are primarily for arrival at and departing hotels and there may be other points (for example, arriving, at customs or at ports) when we may not be able to hire porters. You will have to handle your bag then or find a cart. We work to assure your luggage is handled properly, but cannot be responsible for lost, stolen or damaged items and luggage. It is helpful if you keep your eye on your bag until you see it placed in the motor coach.

Departure cities

Departure cities are shown on the flier or website. For your friends and relatives, we can often arrange departure from airports throughout the USA at a cost increase or reduction. If you choose to join us at an destination airport, you might be able to meet us at the flight’s gate or baggage claim but if that doesn't work out due to delays, you may need to arrange taxi or similar transportation after arrival to get to the tour's first hotel.

Firm and estimated rates

Most tours have firm rates. If marked as estimated, it is too soon for all travel suppliers to have firm rates. Any deposits made on such tours are considered tentative bookings and are fully refundable if you decide not to go within ten days of when we advise the firm rate. However, even a firm rate is still subject to increase due to vendor or government fuel surcharges, tax increases, foreign exchange rate fluctuation and other conditions beyond our control.

Last minute bookings

Last minute bookings may be requested if you will definitely go if space is available. Before space can be requested, we therefore must either receive a check for full payment or credit card information with the understanding that we are to charge it in full on obtaining all space required. But if space is not open, then your card won’t be charged or check deposited.

Meals in the package

At the end of each Itinerary Day the letters, B, L, D, stand for Breakfast, Lunch, and Dinner. On tours with big and light breakfasts, FB stands for Full Breakfast, CB the lighter Continental Breakfast and BB buffet breakfast. An FD is a Feature Dinner, often as a welcome aboard or farewell dinner. When traveling, if a meal is not included, a stop will be made where you may buy a reasonably priced one. Lunches while on tour are often not included because it constrains the travel schedule. Meal time preferences on cruises will be passed along and usually can be relied on once confirmed by the cruise line Airline meals, if any, are often minimal; you may want to purchase something in the airport.


All foreign air travel requires a passport valid for a period of time after your travel. See tour flier for details including, if any, required visas, shots or both. Land and sea border crossings may require less but a passport is still recommended. It is your responsibility to obtain and pay for these. Once you have obtained a passport, the tour flier will note whether we need you to call with details number, issue date etc., an actual copy of the inside cover pages with your picture on it, or the actual passport (to obtain a visa).  One can be denied boarding or turned away at the destination’s customs if without proper documentation; return home would be at your cost with little or no refund. It can take several months to process a normal Passport Application and a rush passport can cost hundreds of dollars.

Seat and flight assignments

While flight and seat assignments are not always in our control we will do all possible to get what you want. Please understand when it does not work out. Many airlines require a higher fare to pick a specific seat even in coach class.

Single room supplement

This is the additional cost that must be added to the double room rate to arrive at the total cost for a single traveler. Single room’s cost is higher because it is not divided between two people as a double room’s cost is. Single rooms are often smaller and less well located.

Required travel documents

See tour flier for details. Even day trips and some domestic tours require at least a government-issued photo ID since some admissions require ID to check off your name on a list instead of paper tickets that could be lost. Foreign travel requires a passport.

Roommate wanted?

This saves you the single room supplement. We may be able to pair you up, just let us know your smoking preference. We assign roommates of the same sex and when possible, the same smoking preference. If we cannot find someone to accommodate your roommate request, you must pay the single room supplement unless if the tour notes say there is a Single Share Guarantee. If there is such a guarantee, even if we can’t find you a roommate, you will receive a single room while paying only the double rate. Once on tour should you or your roommate feel the arrangement is unacceptable, the tour manager will attempt to arrange for both singles’ accommodations, at extra cost to both singles.

Special requests

Special requests will be passed on to the travel suppliers involved but these cannot be confirmed. The numbers of single, triple and quad rooms are limited (if not available, price will not be shown). We cannot provide individual assistance to guests for walking, dining and other personal needs. If needing such assistance, an able companion who will assist you must accompany you. Please call us with your questions. If time-consuming research is necessary we will quote a fee, at a minimum of $100 per person that is collected before doing the research.

Third and fourth person rate

The rate for tours is shown as a Triple (and if available a Quad) rate on each the same for 3 (or 4) people, or for cruises, shown for a 3rd and or 4th person after the first 2 people in cruise cabin that pay the double occupancy rate. These triple and quad cabins may not be available for all room types and some require bunk beds. Triple hotel rooms on tours may involve a rollaway bed added to the room or less commonly, 2 double beds; a quad option, for 4 people, is often not offered for most tour hotels.

Tips due for personal service

Unless noted differently in tour description: (1) Tour package price includes tips for an included driver to the airport, skycaps (as available), bellmen and included meals on land. (2) Tips are not expected for our local tour host. (3) Tips are not included and expected for (as applicable) ad hoc personal services, destination tour manager, tour coach driver, local guides, cruise waiter/busboy nor cabin attendant (as noted in ‘What’s Not Included’ section. Please, no group collections.

Tour changes

If there is breaking news on any tours, you will find it by clicking here. Most of our tours “go” even if group is not “full”.  In the unlikely event a tour becomes impossible or there is an insufficient number of people booking a tour may be cancelled. If due to too few booking a full refund will be made. If other conditions outside our control require cancellation, we will make all refunds after receiving them from travel suppliers involved. Supplier default and tour cancellation coverage are recommended (see insurance section).

Travel funds

We recommend that you carry an ATM card and at least one credit card since they are acceptable in most places around the world. ATM’s dispense local currency and since they involve fees, it's better to withdraw larger amounts like $250 than frequent, smaller amounts like $100. Credit cards and ATM cards facilitate foreign exchange at better rates than changing US cash at a hotel or bureau de change. Small stores and cafes may accept only cash, so always keep some foreign money ready. We do not recommend Travelers Cheques, as they often are not welcome.

What is included & not included

See tour flier parts, “What’s Included” and “What’s Not Included”, the latter being items at extra cost. The main price shown is per person and based on two persons sharing accommodations with two twin beds or a double bed. You can find how the rate varies by occupancy in the text before the departure cities are shown.

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