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Premier World Discovery

For 2023 we feature five Premier World Discovery tours. Here’s how they are like our other tours:

  • We include local departure from Champaign.

  • We get you checked in at O'Hare, and then the Premier tour director meets you after your flight’s arrival.

Additional benefits with Premier World Discovery:

  • A $100 per person discount if you pay your balance owed by check

  • A $100 per person Compass Club discount when you take another Premier World Discovery tour or cruise within 24 months.

  • We must book no minimum number of travelers for the tour to "go." We join with travelers booked by Premier around the USA and together they nearly always get enough to meet the minimum for the tour group to operate. 

Here’s how they are different. The following are not included and are optional:

  • Travel insurance*

  • Tour staff or cruise crew tips

  • Baggage checking on the airline (note that international baggage check is free, but that can change).

See the What’s Not Included section for these costs.​

We elected to “unbundle” these costs because most companies do not include them. This allows you to compare our package prices fairly.

Most tour companies do not include local departure from Champaign, so this is a valuable extra benefit by going with us!

Any Reason Cancellation & Insurance Benefit Option

*There are Any Reason cancellation benefits of Premier World Discovery’s Travel Protection Plan and is summarized below:

  1. A full refund until 180 days before departure, including refunding the Travel Protection Plan premium and tour deposit.

  2. A full deposit refund from 75 to 179 days before departure and credit for the Travel Protection Plan premium.

  3. A full refund (apart from the Travel Protection Plan premium cost) if due to your being ill or the death of an immediate family member, from 74 days before the day of departure and up through the time of departure. An insurance claim must be filed with a medical or death certificate.

  4. For any reason (it doesn’t need to be illness/death related), you will get a 75% credit up until 48 hours before departure time.

  5. The Travel Protection Plan is not refunded within 180 days before departure. When a credit is issued, it must be applied to a new tour departing by the end of 2023.

  6. The Travel Protection Plan also includes Post-Departure coverages for Trip Interruption and Delay, Baggage & Personal Effects and Delay, Emergency Accident/Sickness Medical Expense, Emergency Evacuation/Repatriation of Remains, Accidental Death & Dismemberment, Non-Insurance and Emergency Travel Assistance Services 24/7.

If you do not buy the Travel Protection Plan on the day of booking the tour, we require you to fill in the Waiver to document that you understand that you do not have that coverage.

You can see Premier World Discovery’s FAQ and General Information by clicking here. There is no minimum group size from Champaign; we join Premier’s tour group assembled from around the USA. Please email us or call if you have questions.

Click below or from our home page for more information:

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