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News regarding our tours

If there is any breaking news available that affects any of the tours, it will be noted here or as an update on the tour's page.

  • Arkansas was postponed to October 2022. The tour's page has been updated.

  • Amsterdam, Norway, Iceland, Shetland Islands, and Scotland cruise was postponed to 2022. See tour's page.

  • Danube River cruise has been postponed to September 2022. See tour's page.

  • Eastern Canada was postponed to 2022. See the new tour itinerary.

Tours operated normally: 2021 American Queen Steamboat Company's Upper Mississippi, 2022's Tuscany, and the Oberammergau Passion Play.

General information or suggestions from the U.S. State Department etc.


Alerts and warnings about various countries:

It is your responsibility to obtain and carry the specified ID documents, such as passport or visa and when required, inoculations.


Required travel documents for US Citizens:

Passport applications are reported to take around six months. See this article. If you are not a US Citizen please check other resources on the web or by inquiring to your country's embassy or the consulate of the destination country(ies).

Cruise ship passenger suggestions:

Checklist of things to consider and carry with you:


Travel News from Travel Guard:

Travel News from Centers for Disease Control & Prevention (CDC):

Credit cards for travel 

We recommend getting a card with a 0% foreign exchange fee when traveling overseas; consider the "rewards" possibility if you will use it enough to balance against any annual fee (or choose one without an annual fee). Here's a site that compares options: