e-Documents for Grand Asia: Sapphire Princess

  1. Some people like to have a digital version of their tour documents. Indeed, other tour companies and most cruise lines no longer provide paper documents. We provide both for your convenience. So, the Booklet is the same as you received but with 19 people listed now!

  2. The Certificates of Insurance were not printed and depend on your state of residency (look at the last letters of the document name for either IL or AL/WI. Most people do not want the paper bulk of the many pages and small print of the Certificate. If you do need to see a Certificate while on the tour, the tour manager will have a copy.

  3. You can look at these e-documents on a computer, tablet (like an iPad) or a large phone. Except for the Steve-Info Smart Phone version, these digital documents are in Print Friendly editions below. To open these "PDF" files, you will need a free program, Adobe Acrobat Reader.

  4. We do not provide the Stev-Info (General Information) in printed form... there's just too much and would be heavy and bulky. Also the digital versions of "hyperlinks" to web pages for the locations you are interested in!

    We do provide Stev-Info in two different digital formats: "Letter" sized (8.5x11") so you could print a page out or use with a computer or iPad... and Smart Phone sized which may have rather small print on a smaller Smart Phone or big print on an average phone or iPad Mini. You can download both and see which you like best.

If you are telling a friend about this page, it is "hidden" from the public and for group members (plus their family & friends only). Its "URL", web address is www.steviejaytravel.com/stev-info

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