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Stevie Jay's trips are listed both here (in the order of release) and also on the Home Page (in departure date order). We are also planning new tours and will post links here when there is a preview. For the latest news on these departures, see News & Terms.


Arkansas: Art, Architecture & Gardens

October 19-24, 2021 with Mary Beth Kurasek


Viking Danube River Cruise

September 10, 2022, with Stevie Jay & Janet


Iceland & Northern Europe Cruise

July 29-August 14, 2022, with Stevie Jay & Janet


Eastern Canada

Fall  2022, with Mary Beth Kurasek


Tuscany: Off The Beaten Path

April 22, 2022, with Larry & Alainka Kanfer

Munich, Salzburg, Vienna & the Oberammergau Passion Play 2022

June 14-23, 2022, with Mary Beth Kurasek, Germany & Austria. A few seats are open.

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