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As a fellow MAST agency, I have an opportunity for you, this week only.


We are holding the last 3 seats the whole Oberammergau Passion Play season (May-Sept.) on the following very desirable date:


June 16-25, 2020 departure of Globus’


Total 10 days, 8 nights.


We put non-refundable deposits on these seats and may not sell out on our own. We have dozens of seats still open. We must release unsold space on June 15, 2019, so time is of the essence.


Total package $5483 pp dbl occ with air, insurance, tips etc.**


So, we are offering commission of 17% on the RTO tour portion $3229 land only, so, $548.93 commission, and, 5% on the rest of the full** package $2254, so, $112.70 commission, for a total $661.63 pp commission, per person.


We provide a customizable print-friendly PDF flier for each MAST agency: click PDF icon to download. Then, on the last page, enter your agency name, contact info and an agent's name if you like—and save the PDF and attach to an email out to your prospects.

* There are just few seats open otherwise open (today) and could be sold out at any time. At least 700 have been sold over a year ahead on this itinerary alone!

** Includes RT air, transfers, 1 extra night pre-tour in Munich hotel, AIG Travel Guard group insurance, prepaid tips for tour director, driver and local guides… in addition to the core RTO 7 night tour.


  • Singles wanting a roommate? We may be able to pair up your single travelers with our and if not, may cancel without penalty.

  • Single room price $5926; Triple room $5429 each of 3. If single and triple rooms are not available after booking, and we cannot pair them up satisfactorily, a full refund will be made immediately.

  • Travel Insurance included in the package is AIG Travel Guard and if not desired can be deducted on booking if not desired: $369 less then; apply the discount code NO-INSUR when booking to remove that. Must be bought with deposit to cover pre-existing conditions. No refund on insurance once purchased.

  • Even if not deducted, travelers can decline our included RT group air fare from ORD by March 31 at no penalty if they decide to arrange their own flights & transfers then. Our package includes Central Illinois departure at no extra cost so no discount for not using that.

  • Cancellations or modifications must be in writing (email okay; just not phone or texts) and must be acknowledged to be effective.

  • Terms & Conditions detail cancellation charges etc.

  • There are discount codes at the tour's webpage, for example, if neither insurance nor air fare is desired ($1869 pp), apply discount code: NO-AIR-INSURANCE on booking.

  • US Citizens need a valid Passport good through at least December 25, 2020; no visa or shots at this time.


Book online 24/7 through the WeTravel secure site.
The tour page can also be found at our home page by clicking on the tour there.


Credit cards and “e-checks” are welcome. We cannot see your customer payment details that you, the booking agent, enter when booking. 


Or call us for questions or to book: Bill Owen 217-619-0202 or Stevie Jay 217-840-9913.

We will not solicit your customers...

...because we won’t have their contact info! The booking agent should enter their agency name as the USER and agent’s EMAIL address first, then customer info as normal EXCEPT for address and phone, enter the agency info in those fields!

Full payment due February 16, 2020.

Click PDF icon above to download an 8-page
Print Friendly PDF flier.
Then, on the last page, enter your agency name, contact info and an agent's name if you like—and save the PDF to then attach to an email out to your prospects.
  1. Includes overnight stay in Oberammergau not far away like many tours.
  2. Category #1, Gold section, Passion Play tickets
  3. Great Alps itinerary includes Innsbruck, Salzburg, Mondsee, Danube day cruise & Vienna.
  4. Local Favorites include King Ludwig's Neuschwanstein Castle, Kaffee und Kuchen (coffee and cake) on Danube cruise and private visit of Schönbrunn Palace, followed by a farewell dinner and classical music concert.
  5. Options to idyllic Berchtesgaden (with opportunity to visit Hitler’s Eagle’s Nest) and Bratislava, Slovakia
  6. Our package includes extra pre-tour night in Munich to get over jet lag and have more time there.
  7. Also includes travel insurance, plus, tips to tour director, driver and local guides. 
  8. Of course, included round trip: flight from Chicago and airport-hotel transfers to be confirmed in August.
  9. Local tour host, Mary Beth Kurasek, to assure all goes well.

217-619-0202 Bill Owen,

Stevie Jay Travel



Bill Owen's Text: 217-462-8661

What space we still have:
  1. Singles to SHARE with another man or woman*—NO single rooms now though. Share a room & save the single room supplement of $443,
  2. Twin room for 2 people, maximum... or**
  3. Triple room ON request for 3 people.
*We have one of each gender looking for a roommate.
**Note that since we have only 3 seats, we cannot accommodate ALL of these occupancies at once.​
When Booking, Please Provide
  • TravelerIs) full name per passport, birth date, occupancy, roommate if booking separately, gender, departure point, and emergency contact name & phone
  • Enter Travel Agency's info as "BUYER"—agent/agency names & email.
  • Then traveler's info as "PARTICIPANT(S)" but you can enter Travel Agency Email, Address & Phone there. We will only contact you. 
  • Scroll down if you want to see an example of the
     3-step Booking Process — takes just a few moments to complete!

3 Step Booking Process Example:


You're done. Thank you!

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